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The Bible is a story of sorts but not just any story. It is the story of God working within history to bring about his redemptive plan through Christ. This is story is what some theologians, Bible teachers and pastors call the meta-narrative of Scripture. It is the big picture or story of the Bible. It is the overarching theme of the Bible.

Bible Mesh was created by Emmanuel Kampouris and is taught by a leading group of theologians and pastors like Tim Keller, Alistair Begg, Mark Dever, Ligon Duncan, Paul House, Josh Harris, Phil Ryken and Graham Cole. Its slogan is, “One God. One Book. One Story.” Bible Mesh is dedicatred to communicating this big picture story. Numerous contributors walk you through the Bible from start to finish. There are 24 lessons that cover 7 eras of biblical history:

1. Creation

2. The Patriarchs

3. Moses

4. Israel

5. After the Exile

6. Jesus

7. The Church

In each of the eras, pastor Tim Keller explains how the gospel can be seen. Within each lesson you can explore deeper into the story line as many articles are provided on things like people, events and places. There are also maps to help you place these people, places and events. At the end of the lessons you can take a quiz to see how much you learned and what you might need to go back over. Finally, there are discussion groups you can join or form to talk about what you learned or ask other Bible Mesh viewers.

Pricing is very affordable. There are individual and group rates. Pastors get the first year free and as a free trial you can have unlimited access to the Creation era.

This is a great resource for yourself, families, small groups and churches to help you learn the story line of the Bible. Sign up here!

Peacemaker Ministries is dedicated to helping and equipping churches and believers deal with conflict resolution. They provide a much needed ministry for churches and organizations. They are offering 2 complete sets of their Resolving Everyday Conflict series on their blog!

They have 9 foundational principles for peacemaking:

  • Getting to the Heart of Conflict – Conflict starts in the heart. Therefore, if we fail to address the heart in a conflict, then any solution will fall short of true reconciliation.
  • The Four G’s – The biblical system for resolving conflict is captured by “The Four G’s”: Glorify God, Get the log out of your own eye, Gently Restore, and Go and be reconciled.
  • The Slippery Slope – A visual tool for understanding the ways people tend to and ought to respond to conflict.
  • The Seven A’s of Confession – A guide to making a sincere and complete confession.
  • The PAUSE Principle – A biblical approach to negotiation.
  • The Four Promises of Forgiveness – A great way to remember what you are really saying (and committing to) when you say “I forgive you.”
  • The Peacemaker’s Pledge – Complete summary of biblical peacemaking, suitable for churches or organizations to commit to together.
  • Relational Commitments – A way for a church to make a mutual commitment to work together to pursue unity, maintain friendships, preserve marriages, and build relationships that reflect the love of Christ.
  • The Gospel of Peace Mirrored Through Peacemaking – A summary statement of how the gospel of Jesus Christ is at the core of biblical peacemaking.

You can read more about these principles here as well as learn more about their ministry here.

Westminster Bookstore also has their foundational book Resolving Everyday Conflict if you don’t win the drawing!