For years the Westminster Shorter Catechism has been used by many as a preliminary teaching tool to teaching children and new believers the doctrines of the Christian faith as explained in the Westminster Catechism. While the print version of the WSC is lends itself to easier memorization, educators know that putting words to music makes for much easier and lasting memorization.

That is why has put to music the WSC for children. Each question and answer are put to music that services the memorization process for children.

You can purchase the entire 4 Vol. CD set or each one individually from

  1. Complete 4 Vol. CD Set – $38.00
  2. Vol. 1 – $10.00 (Q&A 1-28)
  3. Vol. 2 – $10.00 (Q&A 29-56)
  4. Vol. 3 – $10.00 (Q&A 57-85)
  5. Vol. 4 – $10.00 (Q&A 86-107)

These are a must have for parents and teachers and would be a great gift for the kids of friends and family!

For awhile now I have been following the Michael Patton from Reclaiming the Mind Ministries and his blog Parchment and Pen. What Michael and his team do here is beyond amazing and is a great service to the church and the Christian community.

The Reclaiming the Mind Ministries vision is exactly why I love what they do:

We believe that God has called us to have a impact on the church and culture by taking back what rightly belongs to God – the mind. We live in a time of anti-intellectualism, skepticism, and confusion. Our goal is to reclaim the mind by energizing the church providing resources for intellectual engagement. In short, we seek to help people believe more accurately and more deeply today than they did yesterday by making theology accessible.

RCC has a number of programs they run for believers to grow in their faith and knowledge of God such as:

  1. Bible Boot Camp
  2. The Discipleship Program
  3. The Theology Program

In addition to their educational programs they have a number of other ministries they provide such as:

  1. Theology Unplugged Podcast
  2. Answers to 263 Theological Questions
  3. RCC Publishers
  4. Parchment & Pen Blog
  5. Theology in the News Blog
  6. Word of the Day Blog

The most recent addition the slew of RCC resources is their Theology App which is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and they are working on an Android version. The Theology App. is only $6.99 and has over 60 hours of Theology Training available at your finger tips. The Theology App. includes the following features:

  1. All 60 Video sessions covering our 6 courses (Introduction to Theology; Bibliology & Hermeneutics; Trinitarianism; Soteriology; Humanity & Sin; Ecclesiology & Eschatology)
  2. More than 2,000 powerpoint slides that can be flipped through while watching the videos.
  3. All 6 Workbooks. More than 1,200 pages of workbooks that can be flipped through while also watching the videos and slides.
  4. A “More” section with updating articles that add to your learning experience.

You can purchase this app right from iTunes through your account. Check out RCC’s web site for more information on their various ministries and resources and learn how you can start learning more about your faith at home, church or by attending their School of Theology.