I am a frustrated book lover! By that I mean, I love to read books but I love to feel the book in my hand when I read it so I am very apprehensive about buying an eReader. Some of you know what I mean. When eReaders like the Kindle came out I said no way not for me. Then I started to notice how much cheaper eReader books are – a lot cheaper! In fact I started to do the math based on my current book buying habits and realized that if I bought one I would save the money 1-2 times over in a year! That’s a lot of money for more books I thought – or to give my lovely wife:)

It will still be some time before I but an eReader but until then I ran across something that put a huge smile on my face – a Kindle for PC App.! That’s right. Kindle has an app you can download for FREE onto your PC so you can take advantage of the great Kindle book prices until you buy one. Just go here and download the app and you are set. Once you actually purchase your Kindle then you can still gain access to the Kindle books you have already purchased.

So download it and get reading for cheaper!