There are few subjects in American cultural and religious discussion that give us a more accurate reading of our moral temperature than the issue of abortion. At the heart of this issue is this – When can the life inside a mothers womb be defined as a human being? How you answer this question is dependent upon how you define human being?

This question has two parts and therefore two questions to answer. First, the question is not merely when does life begin? Even if you believe that what is inside a mothers womb is just a clump of cells and tissue, it is still living because cells and tissue are a form of living existence. It is living no matter what you call it. Second, this naturally leads to ask the question – is this life a human being? There is no question that at some point the life inside a mother can eventually be defined as a human being. The question is, when can it be defined so and how do we make the determination that this life has crossed over that bridge?

I firmly believe that not only does life begin at conception but human life begins at conception. Since this life is human it has the status and deserves the care that a newborn baby, a 40 yr old mother and a 90 year old father has.

This week I ran across two short videos that speak to the heart of this issue and help answer these questions.

This first video sets up the heat of the issue. It can be viewed here.

The second video seeks to answer the fundamental question – Is this living organism a human being?


If you would like to read a good book that gives the best defense of life beginning at conception and therefore why abortion is wrong read Scott Klusendorf’s book The Case for Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture. I also recommend R. C. Sproul’s republished book Abortion: A Rational Look at an Emotional Issue.