Of all of the books that have come out in response to Rob Bell’s book Love Wins it seems that Francis Chan’s book Erasing Hell is getting the most attention.

Here is Josh Loveless from Relevant Magazine interviewing Chan on why he wrote this book and how he felt about it:

On July 5th David C. Cook publisher will release what is scheduled to be the fourth book length response to Rob Bell’s Love Wins. The book is titled Erasing Hell: What God Said About Eternity and the Things we Made up by Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle. You can pre-pay for the book now from David C. Cook for $14.99.

Here is the publisher description:

In this groundbreaking new book, Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle take on the topic of hell and our eternal destiny, with a sense of humility and a deep respect for the inspired Word of God. They will address questions such as “Will everyone be saved?” and “Does God Get What He Wants in the End?” as well as reviewing in depth, everything Jesus said about Hell.

However, the authors warn that we have to guard ourselves against “a heartlessness” when we talk about this theology and this doctrine, because ultimately this about people. Chan and Sprinkle lay all the evidence on the table and present all the facts from Scripture, so that people can decide what to believe for themselves.

The chapters are as follows:

  1. Does Everyone go to Heaven?
  2. Has Hell Changed? Or Have We?
  3. What Jesus Actually Said About Hell
  4. The Rest of The New Testament on Hell
  5. Now What?
  6. What if God……?

You can download the Introduction here and below is a teaser video by Chan himself:

The third book length response to Love Wins is Hell Is Real (But I Hate to Admit it) by Brian Jones from David C. Cook Publishers. This will be available in August and can be pre-ordered here. The entire title is honest especially the subtitle because lets be honest – even for those who will be saved from its fire, we dont like to talk of its fire.

Here is the publishers description:

Does hell matter? Pastor Brian Jones wants readers to know the truth.
Jones believes that the reason most Christians don’t tell their friends about Jesus has nothing to do with not knowing how—it’s because they don’t think they need to. As Jones writes, the first four years he was a pastor, he didn’t believe in hell himself. Today, he shares his story of discovering the truth that hell exists—and why many Christians are afraid to believe in it.
Hell Is Real motivates Christians who have grown complacent in their view of hell. Drawing on the teachings of Jesus, Jones leads readers into a head-on collision with apocalyptic urgency—the all-consuming, inspiring conviction that will overcome readers when they realize that hell is real and they can help save people from going there.

Michael Wittmer has done it again! As a professor of systematic theology at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, Wittmer has made his name on responding to emergent theology. His first book in this regard was Don’t Stop Believing: why Living Like Jesus is not Enough. This was a well reasoned response to the theological changes the emergent church was proposing –  and he was dead on! It was written so the average reader could benefit from it.

Now, Wittmer is writing the first book length response Rob Bell’s Love Wins. As Louis from Baker Book Store in GR, MI said,

I’ve read the first eight chapters of this book and I’ll tell you he doesn’t hold any punches. Please don’t misunderstand me. Wittmer is not interested in simply winning an argument and he’s certainly not jealous of Bell (as many have accused Bell’s critics of being). Wittmer has a heart for the truth of the gospel, the importance of the cross and resurrection of Jesus and the majestic beauty of God. He has proven himself to be an insightful and ardent defender of Evangelical Christianity.

UPDATE: This book is now available from Baker Book Store in GR, MI. You can go here to order it while there are still a number of copies left.