There are lots of good devotional commentaries out there to use as you work your way through a book of the Bible and here are three new ones that you should consider. Thanks to EP Books & Christian Focus for providing these!

Faith of Our Father by DavisFaith of Our Father: Expositions of Genesis 12-25 by Dale Ralph Davis (Christian Focus, 2015). Dale Ralph Davis is the kind of preacher that one could listen to for hours on end and never tire, always wanting to hear more. Davis has written a number of commentaries on Old Testament books. Faith of Our Father began as a sermon series at First Presbyterian Church in SC where is Minister in Residence. In it Davis covers the life of Abraham from his calling in Ur to his death and burial in Ephron. Davis writes with his unique insights and powerful illustrations that bring to life and heart the text of Scripture. Davis always sticks to the text and this book is no exception.


From teh Pen of Pastor Paul by HydeFrom the Pen of Pastor Paul: 1-2 Thessalonians by Daniel R. Hyde (Evangelical Press, 2015). Pastor at Oceanside United Reformed Church and adjunct professor at two seminaries, Hyde has written a number of books such as God in Our Midst and Welcome to a Reformed Church. In From the Pen of Paul Hyde looks at 1-2 Thessalonians with the eye and experience of a pastor who is concerned with the meaning of the text and its relevance for the church today. Hyde carefully guides the reader through Paul’s heartfelt words of comfort, challenge, and encouragement to the Thessalonian believers.



Why Everything Matters by RykenWhy Everything Matters: The Gospel in Ecclesiastes by Philip G. Ryken (Christian Focus, 2015). Ryken is one of those authors that make you grip the edges of your book in anticipation for what is next while you read. In this book Ryken takes up the hard task of walking through the book of Ecclesiastes right to the gospel of Jesus. Ecclesiastes tackles the big questions of life: why I am here? and what is the meaning of life? This is a deeply God centered book. Ryken masterfully shows us how this book takes us from an earth-centered view of reality to a God-centered view of reality. It is the gospel that gives our lives on earth meaning and it is the gospel that Ecclesiastes points us to.