NIV Study Bible '15On August 25th the NIV Zondervan Study Bible will be released. A few weeks ago I highlighted some the interesting history behind the making of the NIV (here, here and here). Today I want to share some more information regarding the new NIV Zondervan Study Bible.

Some of you who have the NIV Study Bible (1985 or 2011) may be wondering how the NIV Zondervan Study Bible is different. Anticipating this question, Zondervan answers as follows:

The Zondervan name has grown to be a trusted source for Bible resources that are academically solid and accessible to the lay Bible student, such as the Zondervan Handbook to the Bible, the Zondervan Illustrated Bible Dictionary and the Zondervan Atlas of the Bible. The NIV Zondervan Study Bible includes material of the same high quality as other Zondervan-labeled resources—up-to-date, from some of the best evangelical scholars around the world, and presented in a way that is friendly to the average adult reader. Additionally, like many other Zondervan biblical study resources, the NIV Zondervan Study Bible’s beautiful, full-color interior draws in readers and presents memorable aids to understanding the Bible.

They have also answered some more questions here such as the future of the 2011 NIV Study Bible.

Read how Karen Jobes went from reading the the first release of the NIV in 1973 to working on its revision:

It seemed so natural, and the language seemed both beautiful and contemporary at the same time.

Read what pastors say about the use of the NIV in their churches:

The scholars who put together the NIV were really attempting to use language the everyday person uses and speaks.

Here are is a video discussing the worldwide us of the NIV