Hopefully you had a chance to check out the fascinating videos Monday on some of the history behind the NIV and Bible translations in general.

Today I wanted to share several snippets of interesting history behind the making of the NIV. These short stories, shared by CBT committee members themselves, go behind the scenes and into the heart and lives of those who gave so much of their lives to put the Bible into plain English.

Financial Crisis: Escalating Costs Nearly Derailed the NIV

“It was a good thing the New York Bible Society had no idea what the final price tag would be for a contemporary English translation of the Bible. If it had, the society might never have agreed to fund the project, which ultimately cost more than $2 million.”

Ken Barker: Finding a Calling in Bible Translation

“Barker and the other translators and committee members started every session with prayer, asking for wisdom and help in achieving the desired balance between word-for-word and thought-for-thought translation. They wanted to be faithful to the Bible’s original languages and the English language, and respectful of the Word of God.”

Bruce Waltke: Translation as an Exercise in Faith

Why would they go through so much effort and sacrifice?

“They believed God would use it,” Waltke said. “He has. When I look at the fruit of it, and I see the people, it’s just a wonderful thing.”

The NIV Study Bible: Lighting the Way

“The diversity in the scholars’ backgrounds served as an added check that prevented the notes from having a distinct denominational or theological bias. If an agreement couldn’t be reached by the general editor and associate editors regarding the meaning of a passage, the notes would offer two or three views on the matter.”