Acts (17-18 Series)I must confess that I am not a journaler. The only journal I have kept was in college which I logged while I was engaged and then gave to my wife as a wedding present. I have always had a hard time sitting down writing my thoughts out. I do keep copious and detailed notes in the margins of my Bible but journaling through my Bible reading has never been a habit.

But that can change. The 17:18 Series is a series of books for each book of the Bible and is designed to help readers journal through their Bible reading time. The series is written by Joel Beeke and Rob Wynalda and is based on Deuteronomy 17 where Moses gives instructions for the future king of Israel. Specifically, when it comes to the law the king was to hand write his own copy of the law. RHB has aptly termed these books journibles.

This series of journaling books is to get readers of Scripture to more engage the text and leave a legacy of Bible reading and meditation for future generations of Christians. The specific book of the Bible I have is for Acts. The book itself looks and feels like a regular journal with journal style pages. One the left side of each page are a series of questions stemming from specific verses which are written on the other side. Most of the time the given questions do not take up the entire page so there is room for more questions to add yourself or just regular notes. On the opposite side there is room given to write out each verse of the book of Acts.

There are several benefits to journaling through your Bible reading time. First, writing out the text of Scripture is another way in which the words embed themselves into your mind and memory. This is evidenced in our general education in school with spelling, grammar and other subjects. Writing out the text enables the words to seep into your mind in a unique way that reading and saying them does not. Second, writing out the words forces you to slow down your reading of the text which results in paying more attention to what is being said. Benefits are obvious. Third, closely tied to number two, journaling causes one to look at the text repeatedly while writing and making sure to get each right. This is similar to reading the text over and over but with the added mix and benefit of writing the words.

With The 17:18 Series of journaling books there are much fewer excuses not to journal through your Bible reading experience. The concept is simple and yet profound. The hardback binding ensures the books will last a lifetime so you can pass on the legacy of your journaling experience with your kids and grand kids. Give it time and the benefits will become more clear and experienced. I recommend these books for all Christians – journalers and non-journalers alike.

Here is a short video with Rob Wyland on the Journible series:

NOTE: I received this book for free from Reformation Heritage Books through Cross Focused Reviews. I was under no obligation to provide a favorable review and the words and thoughts expressed are my own.

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