Galatians for You by KellerThe Good Book Company has just released the first book in a new series of devotionals titled God’s Word for You. The first book is on Galatians by Tim Keller titled Galatians for You. This series is designed to be an expository guide through the books of the Bible. It is not a detailed commentary on the Greek and Hebrew though it has helpful detail when needed. It is not so focused on the practical that it spends very little time on the text itself. This is a series that is purposely anchored to the text with the intent of bringing its truth to bear on the reader. This is a series that strikes such a perfect balance between any kind of commentary method that it can be profitable for anyone.

Regarding the book of Galatians itself this is the perfect book to kick off the series. What better book to begin a commentary series on than one that intentionally deals with clarifying what the gospel is especially as God’s people move from the Old Covenant to the New Covenant. Paul deals strongly and passionately with the Galatians about getting the gospel right and Keller allows his strong emotions to come out without covering them up or apologizing for them. In typical Keller fashion he ably presents the material in a clear and understandable way to produce maximum benefit for the reader. His abilities here really shine in chapter nine on Galatians 4:21-31 with Paul’s discussion of Hagar and Sarah.

To get a feel for how good this book is here are some excerpts:

The gospel did not come to him (Paul) through a process of reasoning and reflection; it was received not arrived at. (p. 21)

To abandon gospel theology is to abandon Christ personally. (p. 22)

Christianity is an appeal to bring our whole life, mind and heart, to Christ. To leave out how we think, or how we feel, its to give an incomplete picture of how comprehensive Christian commitment is (p. 35)

An American Christian has far more in common with a gospel-believer who lives a nomadic existence on the Mongolian plains than they do with a non-believer who lives on their street, drives a similar car, and whose children go to the same school as theirs. (p. 44)

You can’t believe God without believing in God, but you can believe in God without believing God! (p. 73)

If Jesus “became” a sinner for us, then we have “become” righteous in the same way. If His taking the curse means that He was regarded by God as a sinner, then our receiving the blessing means that we are regarded by God as if we are perfectly righteous and flawless. (p. 76)

Galatians for You is a great introductory book to read for the book of Galatians for both seasoned believers and new believers. Keller’s style draws you in to the point that you dread reaching the last page of the book. By one for yourself and all your friends. I look forward to reading more of these books by Keller.

NOTE: I received this book from The Good Book Co. through Cross Focused Reviews. I was under no obligation to provide a favorable review and the words and thoughts expressed are my own.

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