Early Church FathersRead the Fathers by Luke Stamps at CredoMag. The web site explains the process as follows:

By reading seven pages a day for seven years, you can study a vast library of theology, history, liturgy, apologetics, biblical commentary, and devotion written in the first seven centuries of the Christian church. We provide a schedule of readings, the texts in English translation, and—most important—a community to discuss what you’re learning. Laypeople, clergy, seminarians, students, and Christians of all denominations will benefit from joining our community to read the church fathers.

Though a seven year commitment is a long time seven pages a day is not. If you do it in conjunction with your devotions then it should not be much more reading each day. You can purchase the hardback copies of the books or access the Christian Classics Etheral Library to read online for free. You can even sign up as a user to be able to highlight text and add notes to the highlights.

The plan began on Sunday Dec. 2nd but it is not too late to join in and even catch up on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

So, who else is in!?