Of the making of books there is no end and it seems like the same can be said for study Bible’s. Of course, study Bibles have a rich tradition extending back to the Geneva Bible with its extensive cross references, synopsis of passages and various doctrines. It was the study Bible for the average Christian and study Bibles have been trying to follow suit for centuries.

With the making of study Bibles there is both a common assumption and a common desire. The assumption is that though the Bible can be read by anyone who can read, it is not understood equally by everyone who does. Thus, the desire of every study Bible is to help the reader better understand what Scripture is saying. In short, the church needs study Bible’s.

There are many different kinds of study Bibles and some are more geared towards filling a niche than others. It is within this niche market that the Henry Morris Study Bible has been born. The HMSB is an apologetics study Bible that is a combination of the Defenders Study Bible combined with a gathering of the many comments on Scripture from the late Henry Morris Sr. This is an apologetics study Bible that seeks to defend the Christian faith from a’ literal biblical creationist’ viewpoint that particularly believes three things: (1) the 6 days of creation in Genesis 1 are 24 hr periods, (2) the historical account of the flood in Genesis 7-8 is accurate and speaks of a worldwide flood and (3) the earth is young with an age of 6-10 thousand years.

There are a number of notable features in the HMSB:

  1. Extensive study notes – Since it is a study Bible there are tons of study notes with comments on virtually every verse in the Bible.
  2. Rounded pages – The HMSB has rounded edges which are more user friendly for flipping through pages and look better since you cannot damage the corners.
  3. Appendixes – The HMSB has 22 appendixes with topics ranging from different chronologies, science and Scripture, prophecy, miracles and the internal design of the Bible.
  4. Words of Jesus – The words of Jesus in the Gospels are in red for easier finding.
  5. Threaded book markers – The HMSB has two threaded book markers because, hey, two is better than one:)

There are also a few features of the HMSB that could have been better:

  1. Version – Probably the one feature that I wish had been different was the use of the King James Version. I understand this decision fits with the beliefs of the publisher and Henry Morris Sr. himself but it would be much easier to recommend this study Bible if it were available in another version like the NASB or ESV.
  2. Font – One of the first things that stood out to me was the font chosen. While I am not sure of the style name it makes the words and pages look outdated.
  3. Layout – While the study notes are clearly marked out from the text of Scripture the pages have nothing more than text and horizontal lines between the text and notes. More could have been done to improve the page design with shading in the notes and charts and color maps or pictures to aid the reader in addition to the study notes.

Overall, the HMSB looks to be a good study Bible that fulfills the purpose of a study Bible – have lots of explanatory notes. For those interested in a study Bible with an apologetics bent this is a good one to own especially for those who take the same literal biblical creationist viewpoint. Most of the appendixes deal with the relevant creationist issues.

NOTE: I received this study Bible from Master Books in exchange for a review and was under no obligation to provide a favorable review.