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The Advent of Evangelicalism Ed. by Kenneth Stewart & Michael Haykin is reviewed at

The Beginning and End of Wisdom by Douglas O’Donnell is reviewed by Kevin Fiske.

Relationships: A Mess Worth Making by Timothy Lane & Paul David Tripp is reviewed by Mark Tubbs.

Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris is reviewed by Jared at Christians in Context.

Defending Inerrancy: Affirming the Accuracy of Scripture for a New Generation ed. by Geisler & Roach is reviewed by Dave Jenkins at Servants of Grace.

Chapter 10 of Real Marriage by Mark Driscoll is critiqued by Brad Littlejohn at The Calvinist

Come Let Us Reason: New Essays in Christian Apologetics Ed. by Copan & Craig is reviewed by David Dewberry.

Gospel-Centered Discipleship by Jonathan Dodson is reviewed by Jason Seville.

Isaiah By the Day by Alec Motyer is reviewed by Kevin Fiske.

Retrieving Doctrine: Essay’s in Reformed Theology by Oliver Crisp is reviewed by Marc Cortez.

The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller is reviewed by Dave Jenkins at Servants of Grace.


Kenneth Stewart is interviewed by Credo Mag about whether Calvinism is anti-missions. Stewart is the author of Ten Myths About Calvinism.

Gerald Bray is interviewed again about his book God Is Love: A Biblical and Systematic Theology.

David Wells discusses his book Returning to God: Reclaiming Christian Conversion as Unique, Necessary and Supernatural.

Lydia Brownback is interviewed by Justin Taylor about her book A Woman’s Wisdom: How the Book of Proverbs Speaks to Everything.

Matt Chandler interviews Jonathan Dodson about his new book Gospel-Centered Discipleship.

Matt Smethurst interviews Liao Yiwu about his book God Is Red: The Secret Story of Hos Christianity Survived and Flourished in Communist China.

Trevin Wax interviews Jared C. Wilson about his forthcoming book Seven Daily Sins.

Nathan Bingham interviews Justin Taylor author of the blog Between Two Worlds.


Mark Talbot describes what it means to be a Christian philosopher.

Phil Ryken discusses the background to his recent book Loving the Way Jesus Loves.


Brian Croft highlights Piper’s Let the Nations Be Glad in light of Platt’s message at T4G.

Paul Tautges recommends the most recent book in the Living in a Fallen World series titled HELP! I Want to Change by Dr. Jim Newheiser.

Justin Taylor highlights a new book on the Reformation titled The Roots of the Reformation: Tradition, Emergence and Rupture.

Paul Tautges recommends a new book Help! I’m Living with Terminal Illness.

Louis McBride introduces us to Jerry Walls’ most recent book Purgatory: The Logic of Total Transformation. Walls already has a book on heaven and hell.

Louis McBride overviews The Most Misused Verses in the Bible by Eric Bargerhuff which tackles 17 of the most misused verses in the Bible.

Justin Taylor shares the recommendation he wrote for the new B&H book by Danny Akin titled 10 Who Changed the World.

…….And Just Because it Interests Me:

James Hamilton Jr. answers two questions concerning Bible translations: What Makes a Translation Accurate? and Should I Consider Using Multiple Translations or Just One?

Marc Cortez answers the question, “Do Seminary Grads Burn Out Quickly?

Electronic Murder? First Person Shooter Video Games.

Three Views on How Often a Church Should Celebrate The Lord’s Supper.