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Charles Spurgeon The Price of Preachers (Trail Blazers Series) by Christian T. George is reviewed by Timothy Findlay.

Authentic Church: True Spirituality in a Culture of Counterfeits by Vaughan Roberts is reviewed by Colin Hansen at TGC Reviews.

Is There a Doctor in the House by Ben Witherington III is reviewed by Lawrence Garcia at The Pangea Blog. (HT:K)

The Expositors Bible Commentary: Matthew  Mark, Rev. Ed is reviewed by Harold Cameron.

Health, Wealth, and Happiness by David W. Jones is reviewed by Trevin Wax.

James K.A. Smith discusses N.T. Wright’s recent book How God Became King.

The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller is reviewed by Aaron Armstrong.

Evangellyfish by Doug Wilson is reviewed by Tim Challies.

Whiter Than Snow: Meditations on Sin and Mercy by Paul David Tripp is reviewed by Mark Tubbs at Discerning Reader.

Gospel Wakefulness by Jared C. Wilson is reviewed by Greg Wilson at the Biblical Counseling Coalition.


Matt Chandler is interviewed by Matt Smethurst about his first book The Explicit Gospel.

Dr. Bill Barrick is interviewed by Kevin Bowling about Solomon’s Assessment of Life from his commentary Ecclesiastes: The Philippians of the Old Testament.

Here is the video of Ed Stetzer’s interview with Roger Olson (author or Against Calvinism) and Michael Horton (author of For Calvinism) on, well you guessed it, Calvinism.

Thabiti Anyabwile is interviewed by 9Marks about his most recent book Finding Faithful Elders and Deacons.

D.A. Carson is interviewed by Issues, etc. radio about his recent book The Intolerance of Tolerance.

Anthony Bradley is interviewed by Trevin Wax on The Black Church and the Black Community from his book Keep Your Head Up: America’s New Black Christian Leaders, Social Consciousness, and the Cosby Conversation.

Jimmy Carter is interviewed by Al Mohler in light of the new NIV Bible which will have his commentary notes in it.

Derek Thomas is interviewed by Andrew Moody at the Reformed Forum.

Tim Challies interviews Andy Naselli and John Bell about the legacy of D.A. Carson books.

Liam Goligher is interviewed by Kurt Goff from Lifeline radio about his new book Joseph: The Hidden Hand of God.

Stephen C. Meyer is interviewed by Tabletalk Magazine answering the question are Scripture and Science in Conflict? from his book Signature in the Cell.


Stephen Wellum, co-author to the forthcoming book Kingdom through Covenant: A Biblical-Theological Understanding of the Covenants, lectured on What Does the Extent of the Atonement Have to do With Baptist Ecclesiology: An Exercise in Doing Theology.

Carl Trueman discusses how the car has contributed to the death of the local church, which is something John Dyre discussed in his must read book on Christians and technology, From the Garden to the City: The Redeeming and Corrupting Power of Technology.

Darrell Bock discusses Luke’s Christology from his forthcoming book A Theology of Luke and Acts (Biblical Theology of the NT Series).

At Books & Culture, Albert Lee discusses Kevin Bauder’s view of Fundamentalism in his contribution to Four Perspectives on the Spectrum of Evangelicalism.

John Knapp, author of How the Church Fails Businesspeople, has a video at the EerWord Blog.


Four Views on the Apostle Paul Ed. by Michael Bird is set to release this July. You can watch a video interview here with Bird and contributors.

Tony Reinke posts an excerpt about Keeping Home Priorities in View from D.A. Carson’s must read book A Call to Spiritual Reformation: Priorities From Paul and His Prayers.

Andy Naselli lists the Ten Books on Business and Strategy Chip Brown, Senior VP and Publisher at Zondervan, suggests.

At Baker Book House Church Connection, Louis McBride responds to Ehrman’s objection to the messianic nature of Isaiah 53 from his book Did Jesus Exist? and offers two book suggestions on the topic: Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus by Michael Brown and The Gospel According to Isaiah 53 ed. by Bock & Glaser.

Justin Taylor highlights the function of Old Testament Narratives as Pictures, Windows, and Mirrors from Richard Pratt’s book He Gave Us Stories: The Bible Student’s Guide to Interpreting Old Testament Narratives.

At Kevin DeYoung’s blog, guest Jason Helopolus offers some excellent quotes from Meet the Puritans: A Guide to Modern Reprints by Beeke & Pederson.

Matthew Anderson discusses the book and DVD curriculum for Love is an Orientation by Andrew Marin.

Craig A. Evans discusses The Archaeological Evidence for Jesus from his new book Jesus and His World: The Archaeological Evidence.

…….And Just Because it Interests Me:

James Hamilton discusses Using the Right Tool for the Right Job: Gospel Maturity for Seminary.

Crossway blog answers the question, “Why Tracts?

Michael Patton explains Why I Don’t Trust My Own Scholarship.

Michael Patton asks the question, “Are Roman Catholics Saved?