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Journeys of Faith: Evangelicalism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Catholicism, and Anglicanism is reviewed by Carl Trueman.

A “Down and Dirty” Guide to Theology by Donald McKim is reviewed by The Good Book Stall.

How to Read the Bible Through the Jesus Lens by Michael Williams blog tour is complete with all of the reviews.

What Do You Think of Me? Why Do I Care”: Answers to the Big Questions of Life by Ed Welch is reviewed by Harold Cameron.

From the Resurrection to His Return by D.A. Carson is reviewed by several at Christian Focus Booknotes.

The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon by Steven Lawson is reviewd on CredoMag by Chris Cooper.

Fixing the Moral Deficit by Ronald Sider is reviewed at Sojourners by Lisa Harper.

Secularization: In Defense of an Unfashionable Theory by Steve Bruce is reviewed by Matthieu Richelle at TGC Reviews.

Augustine’as Enchiridion is reviewed by Luke Stamps at CredoMag.

D.A. Carson’s The Intolerance of Tolerance of reviewed by Mary Katherine May at Babamarusia’s Christian Book Review.

From the Resurrection to His Return by D.A. Carson is reviewed by Aaron Armstrong.

The Power of Words and the Wonder of God by Justin Taylor & John Piper is reviewed by Mark Tubbs at Discerning

Ascension Theology by Douglas Farrow is reviewed by Tim Chester.

King Solomon: The Temptations of Sex, Money & Power by Philip Ryken is reviewed by Ricky Kirk at Servants of Grace.

The Beginning and End of Wisdom: Preaching Christ from the First and Last Chapters of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Job by Douglas O’Donnell is reviewed by Ricky Kirk at Servants of Grace.


Discussing his contribution to Psychology & Christianity: Five Views, David Powlison discusses the six ways the term “psychology” can be used.

Fred Zaspel is interviewed on Refromed Forum about his book The Theology of B.B. Warfield: A Systematic Summary.

Dan Wallace is interviewed about NT Manuscript Preservation, Markan Fragment and Markan Priority by Joey Cochran.

Rob Ventura, author of A Portrait of Paul: Identifying a True Minister of Christ, is interviewed on Knowing the Truth Radio Program. (HT: HBT)

Pete Enns is interviewed on Home Brewed Christianity radio about his new book The Evolution of Adam.

N.T. Wright is interviewed about his new book How God Became King: The Forgotten Story of the Gospels.

Bill Foster, author of Meet the Skeptic: A Field Guide to Faith Conversations, is interviewed about the book by Shaun Tabbat at Bible Geek Gone Wild.

Jonathan Parnell interviews Sam Storms on the End Times at

Real Marriage by Mark & Grace Driscoll is reviewed by Tim Kimberley at Parchment & Pen.


Folly, Grace, and Power: The Mysterious Act of Preaching by John Koessler was named as one of the “Year’s Best Books in Preaching” by Preaching Magazine. (HT:EC)

John Lennox, author of God & Stephen Hawking & Gunning for God, discusses the possibility of miracles for The Veritas Forum.

At BibleMesh, Mark Coppenger, author of Moral Apologetics for Contemporary Christians, answers the question, “If God knows everything, and Jesus is God, why did He choose Jesus as one of His disciples if He knew he would betray Him?

Lindsey Holcomb, wife of Justin Holcomb author of Rid of My Disgrace, lists 8 Ways to Protect Your Child From Sexual Abuse.

At Saint Andrews College, Joe Rigney lectures of Jonathan Edwards.

Crossway lists the 7 Steps to Waling the Spiritual Walk adapted from Ken Berding’s book Walking in the Spirit.

Alister Begg gives a talk on Inadequacy: The Surprising Secret to Being Useful to God in which the idea is fleshed out more in Barbara & Kent Hughes must read book Liberating Ministry from the Success Syndrome.


Princeton Theological Seminary has partnered with the Internet Archive to create the Theological Commons Digital Library with over 50,000 free, online theology and religious book from PTS library. (HT:JT)

Covenant Theological Seminary is now offering free online classes.

Louis at Baker Book Store highlights Come Let Us Reason: New Essays in Christian Apologetics Ed. by Paul Copan & William Lane Craig.

Check out the promo video for Matt Chandler’s highly anticipated book The Explicit Gospel.

On April 1st B&H will release Those Who Must Give An Account: A Study of Church Membership & Church Discipline Ed. by John Hammett & Benjanim Merkel. Cntributors include Nathan Finn, Mark Dever, Thomas Schreiner & Danny Akin.

Christian America: Perspectives on Our Religious Heritage by B&H looks like an interesting read.

Treatise on Good Works: Luther Study Edition trans by Scott Hendrix is a the second in a series of guides to the works of Martin Luther by Fortress Press.

Mentor Publishers releases its newest commentaries on Psalms: Vol 1 & Vol2 by Allan Harman.

Justin Taylor highlights some of the intro to Ken Myers intro to his new edition of All God’s Children & Blue Suede Shoes: Christians & Pop Culture.

Justin Taylor highlights Steven Oritz chapter on The Abuse & Use of Archaeological Interpretation in the book Buried Hope or Risen Savior ed. by Charles Quarles.

Pickwick publishers released Men of One Book: A Comparison of Two Methodist Preachers, John Wesley & George Whitfield by Ian Maddock.

Eerdmans is starting a new theology series of books titled Prophetic Christianity.

…….And Just Because it Interests Me:

William Edgar, co-editor of Christian Apologetics Past & Present: A Primary Source Reader; Vol. 1 & 2, answers the question, What Is Presuppositionalism?

Paul Copan, philosopher and author of numerous books, responds to William Edgar’s post on presuppositionalism by Questioning Presuppositionalism.