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Daniel Smith reviews Michael Licona’s recent book The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach. (scroll down to download the review)

Theological Commentary: Evangelical Perspectives is reviewed by Wes Vander Jugt at Jesus Creed.

World Magazine reviews Dane Orthlund’s book Defiant Grace: The Surprising Message and Mission of Jesus.

The Colonized Paul: Paul in Postcolonial Eyes by Stanley Christopher is reviewed by Matthew Forrest Lowe.

Dave Jenkins reviews UnChristian.

Dave Jenkins reviews John Stotts book on preaching Between Two Worlds: The Challenge of Preaching Today.

Dave Jenkins reviews Alister McGrath’s book Mere Apologetics.

Dave Jenkins reviews the DiMarco’s most recent book Die Young: Burying Yourself in Christ.

David Thomas reviews Teaching and Christian Practices by James K.A. Smith & David I. Smith.

At the Biblical Counseling Coalition Bob Kellmen reviews David Powlison’s new book The Biblical Counseling Movement.

At TGC Reviews Rob Moll reviews Allen Verhey’s book The Christian Art of Dying: Learning from Jesus.

Bobby Jamieson reviews Iain Murray’s book Revival & Revivalism: The Making and Marring of American Evangelicalism, 1750-1858.

Doug Wilson gives a glowing review to Dan Phillips most recent book The World-Tilting Gospel: Embracing a Biblical Worldview & Hanging on Tight.


Owen Strachan highlights the Lanier Theological Library which hosts many great lectures.

Justin Brierley interviews Joel Green (Common English Bible) and David Instone-Brewer (NIV) and asks the question: Do We Need Another Translation?

J.D. Payne interviews Enoch Wan about his recently released book Disporia Missiology: Theory, Methodology, and Practice.

D.A. Carson is interviewed by David Mathis at on the wrath of God and how pastors are to minister its truth.

Tullian Tchividjian is interviewed by Chris Castaldo on Dimensions of Gospel Truth.

Kevin Bauder was interviewed by Scott Oakland on about his contribution to the recent book Four Perspectives on the Spectrum of Evangelicalism. (HT:BH)

Rob Plummer is interviewed on his blog by Emily Vaner about his recent book Journeys of Faith.

Trevin Wax interviews Michael Kelley on the issues of sovereignty, suffering and stewardship from his new book Wednesdays Were Pretty Normal: A Boy, Cancer and God.

Jeremy Walker interviews Derek Thomas and Carl Trueman. (HT:PJ)


The Reformed Baptist historian Michael Haykin, recommends resources on Baptism and the Lords Supper.

James K.A. Smith posted An Open Letter to Praise Bands last week. In light of the variety of responses he got he posted a Postscript in which he has some response in light of his book Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview, and Cultural Transformation.

Aaron Armstrong gives a sneak peak into his forthcoming book Contend: Defending the Faith in a World Without Reason.

David Murray of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary has a helpful overview of 4 major eschatological views. (HT:BH)

Sam Crabtree explains some of his book Practicing Affirmation: God-Centered Praise of Those Who Are Not God.

D.A. Carson discusses more of his must red new book The Intolerance of Tolerance.

Carl Trueman gives two lectures on the trinity and preaching at the 2011 Proclamation Trust Conference.

Michael Austin & R. Douglas Geivett discuss their book Being Good: Christian Virtues for Everyday Life.

Ligonier Ministries has a video interview with Steven Lawson about his new book in the Long Line of Godly Men Series titled The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon. Others in the series are on Calvin and Edwards.


Crossway has compiled the TGC booklets into one volume titled The Gospel as Center: Renewing our Faith and Reforming our Ministry Practices.

Reformation Heritage Books has Richard Gamble’s important book The Whole Counsel of God: Vol. 1 on sale for $17.50.

The latest in the Basics of the Faith Series Why Do We Have Creeds? by Burk Parsons is available for pre-order.

Taken from the ESV Study Bible, Understanding Scripture: An Overview of the Bible’s Origin, Reliability, and Meaning ed. by Grudem, Collins & Schreiner is an expansion of these issues and very accessible to the layperson.

Gene Veith & Mary Moerbe’s new book Family Vocation: God’s Calling in Marriage, Parenting, and Childhood is out and Gene discusses its content.

Crossway highlights a section on the ethics of war from J. Daryl Charles & Timothy J, Demy’s book War, Peace, and Christianity.

R P Ministries lists The Top 9 Books on the History of Pastoral/Biblical Counseling.

The Detroit Baptist Theological Journal is available online for free from 96′-09′. (HT:BC)

Paul Tautges posts a number of great quotes on contentment from Thomas Watson’s book The Art of divine Contentment.

Louis McBribe highlights Scott Han’s forthcoming commentary on 1&2 Chronicles titled The Kingdom of God as Liturgical Empire.

Michael Wittmer discusses some highlights from Jim Samra’s book The Gift of Church: How God Designed the Local Church to Meet Our Needs as Christians.

Pastors in the Classics: Timeless Lessons on Life and Ministry from World Literature by Leland Ryken, Philip Ryken and Todd Wilson is out.

Justin Taylor introduces The Reformers and Puritans as Spiritual Mentors by Michael Haykin.

Matthew Anderson explains why he believes every Christian under forty needs to read The Democratic Virtues of the Christian Right by Jon A. Shields.

Bill Combs explains why Ephesians by Harold Hoehner and Letter to the Ephesians by Peter O’Brien are his two highest recommended commentaries on Ephesians.

Third Millennium Ministries has One, Two trailers for a new series on the book of Revelation.

At Jesus Creed, Scot McKnight discusses Jonathan Edwards focus on prayer and bible reading as discussed by Michael McClymond & Gerald McDermott in their book The Theology of Jonathan Edwards.

In light of D.A. Carson’s discussion on the Theological Interpretation of Scripture, Justin Taylor has highlighted Rob Plummer’s definition of TIS in his recent book 40 Questions About Interpreting the Bible and Kregel has allowed Justin to share the entire answer as a PDF.

Shaun Tabatt highlights The Readers Greek New Testament by Spectrum Mobile Technologies.

Theologian Harry Lee Poe and chemist Jimmy H. Davis have written a new book titled God and the Cosmos: Divine Activity in Space, Time and History which states that God’s interaction with the world is affirmed by both the Bible and the contemporary scientific record. At the Courtenay Dudek has a three part review of the book.

The next book in the Zondervan Ancient Context, Ancient Faith Series Finding the Lost Images of God by Timothy Laniak is set to come out this month.

Doug Powell has an interactive book coming out in March defending the resurrection of Jesus titled Resurrection iWitness. He has a web site dedicated to the book with a sneak peak inside.

Thomas McCall has a new book coming out in May on the trinity titled Forsaken: The Trinity and the Cross, and Why it Matters. You can see a sneak peak of it on

Andy Naselli highlights four books that look at how Jesus argued as a model for Christians.

Kevin Vanhoozer discusses John Owen’s reflections on the trinity in his classic work Communion with the Triune God.

…….And Just Because it Interests Me:

Bruce Ashford asks the question: What Roles Do Philosophical Theology and Systematic Theology Play?

Marc Cortez gives 7 things the church expects from seminary.

John Starke interacts with some of DeYoung, Keller and Carson on Paul’s belief in an historical Adam in response to Peter Enns book The Evolution of Adam.

Eric McKiddie, author of 10 Reasons Why Physical Books Are Still Better Then Digital Books, has posted 1o Benefits of eBooks that Will Surprise You. (HT:ZN)