While overstock supplies last, Reformation Heritage Books has a sale on Richard Gamble’s book The Whole Counsel of God: Vol. 1 God’s Mighty Acts in the Old Testament for only $17.50! That’s cheaper than Amazon even if you are a Prime Member.

Gamble was also interviewed by Reformed Forum which you can listen to here.

Here is the product description:

The Whole Counsel of God explores the relationships between exegesis and hermeneutics, and between biblical, systematic, and historical theology. This three-volume work offers a comprehensive theology attuned to the methodological advantages of biblical theology combined with the strengths of historical and systematic theology. This volume, the first of three, recounts God’s mighty acts in the Old Testament. It discloses the theology of the Old Testament within the organic, progressive, historical development of the Bible. The author winsomely blends a survey of the entire Old Testament with discussions of topics as diverse as the canon, days of creation, faith and reason, covenants, the Ten Commandments, Old Testament ecclesiology, the nature of God, justification, and Old Testament apologetics.

Here are some endorsements for the book:

“My colleague Richard Gamble has begun a very comprehensive theological project, embracing the disciplines of biblical theology, historical theology, and systematic theology. Nothing comparable in scope has been done in the last hundred years, within the circles of Reformed orthodoxy. Knowing Rick, and having read some of the first volume, I’m convinced that he is the man to do this job. With a doctorate from the University of Basel and an international reputation as a Calvin scholar, Rick has a formidable grasp of theological issues. His theological convictions are thoroughly biblical and Reformed. He’s also a humble man of God who can write winsomely to the hearts of many sorts of readers. I hope this series has wide distribution and great influence in this time of theological confusion.”

– John Frame, Reformed Theological Seminary

“Very few people living today are as capable as Richard Gamble at grasping and expressing the theology of the entire Bible. His work represents decades of reflection on interpretive issues that have perplexed scholars for over a century. He bridges the gap so many have identified between traditional systematic theology and biblical theology. He devotes himself in helpful ways to the unity and diversity of biblical revelation. Yet, throughout this work, he penetrates beyond scholarly concerns to life issues that every believer faces. I highly recommend this book. You will be glad you read it.

– Richard L. Pratt, Jr. Adjunct Professor, Reformed Theological Seminary, President, Third Millennium Ministries