While the term Calvinism can stir up a variety of emotions and thoughts, Greg Forster believes that joy should be one of them if not the most preeminent. The bottom line is this, the Calvinistic understanding of salvation is about the grace of God in Christ towards sinners. And this should elicit joyful amens from anyone who claims to have received it!

In his new book, The Joy of Calvinism, Greg Forster seeks to put Calvinism on the ground and flesh out what it looks like for the joyful Christian. This is a unique book because Forster is not a theologian and became an Christian in his adult years. Forster shows the reader that Calvinism is not just for the theologian but for every person who wants to increase their joy in their salvation in Christ.

Recently, Justin Taylor interviewed Greg Forster about The Joy of Calvinism. I strongly encourage you to watch the whole thing as it is very encouraging, insightful and instructing. Then buy the book here for only $8.79!