For years the Westminster Shorter Catechism has been used by many as a preliminary teaching tool to teaching children and new believers the doctrines of the Christian faith as explained in the Westminster Catechism. While the print version of the WSC is lends itself to easier memorization, educators know that putting words to music makes for much easier and lasting memorization.

That is why has put to music the WSC for children. Each question and answer are put to music that services the memorization process for children.

You can purchase the entire 4 Vol. CD set or each one individually from

  1. Complete 4 Vol. CD Set – $38.00
  2. Vol. 1 – $10.00 (Q&A 1-28)
  3. Vol. 2 – $10.00 (Q&A 29-56)
  4. Vol. 3 – $10.00 (Q&A 57-85)
  5. Vol. 4 – $10.00 (Q&A 86-107)

These are a must have for parents and teachers and would be a great gift for the kids of friends and family!