Parents, have you ever struggled with how to explain the trinity or the incarnation of Christ and their significance to the Christian life to your kids? It can be hard explaining them to adults sometimes let alone kids. In his book, Big Truths for Young Hearts, Bruce Ware helps parents and adults who work with kids to explain the great doctrines of the Christian faith to them.

Amazon is offering this book in eBook format for only $1.99! If you are like me and still like the book in hand then you can purchase it from Amazon for $10.87 or Westminster Books for $10.25.

Here are some blurbs for the book:

“A theologically rich resource to aid parents in training their children. Anyone who wants to help children grow in their love for Jesus and understanding of the Bible needs this book.”
Mark Driscoll, Pastor of Mars Hill Church, Seattle; President of Acts 29 and The Resurgence

“This is a great book for children and their parents on the classic doctrines of the faith. I heartily recommend it to every parent!”
Dennis Rainey, President, FamilyLife

“My conversion and discipleship as a young girl were significantly influenced by my parents reading to our family a book that taught biblical doctrine to children in a systematic way. The church today must be intentional in passing on to the next generation the core and precious beliefs on which our Christian faith rests. To neglect that responsibility is to leave those who come behind us vulnerable to every wind of (false) doctrine and to risk their rejecting our faith altogether. Big Truths for Young Hearts is a rich resource for parents, teachers, and others who care about helping the next generation know and love God and his ways. In addition to being a theology course for children and young people, it is also a great refresher course for adults.”
Nancy Leigh DeMoss, author; host of Revive Our Hearts radio broadcast

“Imagine a respected theologian devoting himself to training a new generation of pastors and scholars in the seminary classroom. Now imagine him driving home at night to teach that profound theology in simple terms to his children at their bedsides. Now imagine this father compiling those bedside conversations into a book available to all pastors, parents, and children alike. Imagine no more. My friend Dr. Bruce Ware has done it.”
C. J. Mahaney, Sovereign Grace Ministries