In the wake of all the recent discussion on the doctrine of hell a couple of new books are coming out written in defense of annihilationism and universalism. As you know from my past posts and recent books reviews of other books on hell here and here I support neither of these positions. However, I believe in  being educated in all positions so believers can better defend their own position and more honestly confront the positions of others with integrity and accurate representation.

If you click on each book it will take you to the publishers page where you can read the book description.

Supporting Annihilationism

1. The Fire That Consumes: A Biblical and Historical Study of the Doctrine of Final Punishment. 3rd by Edward Fudge

The Fire That Consumes

Supporting Universalism

1. “All Shall be Well”: Explorations in Universal Salvation and Christian Theology, from Origen to Moltmann Ed. by Gregory McDonald

2. The Evangelical Universalist by Gregory McDonald

The Evangelical Universalist

3. Her Gates Will Never Be Shut: Hope, Hell and the New Jerusalem by Bradley Jersak

Her Gates Will Never Be Shut