If you don’t know it by now, Harold Camping believes that through careful reading of Scripture we can know that Christ is coming back tomorrow. I myself will be at Michigan Adventure enjoying the park and a concert with part of our youth group and will not be worrying about whether or not Camping is right or wrong- he is wrong. One the one hand I am laughing because this will be at least the second time Camping will be wrong about Christ’s return. But I am not so worried about Camping.

The people I am worried about, whom we should all be praying for, are his followers. If you have been following the news you will know that people have quite their jobs, cashed in their retirement, sold all their possessions and have given all of what they believe to be their final days on earth to spreading Camping’s news of Christ’s return.

Come Sunday, there will be thousands of people who will be utterly devastated (unless Camping can convince them they misunderstood him in some crazy way or he is not dead) that they are still here and their leader was wrong. Many people are going to be completely confused about how Camping was wrong.

Now it will be interesting to see how Camping responds if he even has any followers to listen to him anymore (not because they have been raptured). But my heart goes out to all of his followers because they have been duped and blinded by Camping and Satan is just enjoying himself to death (literally). I don’t think it is a stretch to say that some people will turn to thoughts of suicide and go into deep depression. I hope that this will pull the cover off of Camping’s misleading teaching and enable some of these people to be open to the truth.

The church has a responsibility to be there for people come Sunday. To open their hearts and arms with compassion for their grief and confusion. To allow God to use this horrible time in the lives of these people to bring them to the true understanding of Scripture and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Until then, pray for those whom Harold Camping has led astray.