Today marks the 4ooth birthday for the KJV! The KJV is hands down the most popular version of the Bible with the longest history of popular and recognizable worldwide use. While the Bible is always the top selling book worldwide, the KJV is the top selling version.

My new friend Bob Hayton co-runs a site dedicated to the KJV. The site is and is dedicated to providing honest information and open discussion about the KJV version. Their goal is to “confront the King James controversy head on, and evaluate the claims of KJV-onlyism from a Biblical perspective.”

Bob has read many books  related to the KJV and its surrounding issues. To celebrate the 400th birthday of the KJV Bob has made a video review of Donald L. Brake’s new book A Visual History of the King James Bible. You can watch the video review below:

You can also listen to part 1 and part 2 of a radio interview  Haven Today radio was able to do with Donald Brake about the book.

Watch the review, listen to the interview and then buy the book!