As many of you are aware, this year marks the 400th anniversary of the KJV. This year there are a number of books that are being written in commemoration of the KJV as well as Bibles. Of all the Bibles that will be produced to celebrate this historic translation, perhaps none will be as commemorative and remembered as The Four Holy Gospels.

In 2009 Dennis Lane of Crossway Publishers commissioned Makoto Fujimura to make the artwork for The Four Holy Gospels. Late last year, Makoto showcased some of the artwork at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo where Makoto if from as well as Dillon Gallery in NY where he resides. You can also read more about the project at Makoto’s web site and learn more about Makoto’s International Arts Movement.

Here is a short video describing the inspiration behind the project:

The details of The Four Holy Gospels are:

  • Size: 10.75″ x 16″
  • 13-point type
  • 168 pages
  • Double-column, paragraph format
  • Black letter text
  • Newly-commissioned, full-color artworks by renowned artist Makoto Fujimura
  • A full-page, full-color art piece for each Gospel; illuminated letters to begin each chapter, and hand embellishments by the artist on every page
  • Printed on highest quality art paper
  • Housed in a permanent slipcase
  • Smyth-sewn binding

As an illuminated Bible this will provide a much needed freshness while reading the Gospels once again. This Bible is available in both cloth cover and genuine leather. This will be a great Bible to use while reading through the Gospels as a family or to set on your coffee table to use as an evangelistic tool as it will no doubt catch your friends attention.

Crossway describes The Four Holy Gospels as follows:

The Four Holy Gospels is an exquisitely designed and produced edition of the four canonical Gospels in the English Standard Version, published in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the King James Version (KJV) Bible in 1611.

The Four Holy Gospels features newly commissioned original paintings representing the four Gospel Evangelists, illuminated initial letters, and other embellishments and design elements, printed in full color throughout and on high-quality art paper. The text of the Gospels is reproduced in a highly readable, large font; ideally suited for public reading, liturgical use, and as a family heirloom.

The Four Holy Gospels stands in the historic stream of the beautifully hand-illuminated editions of the Gospels created many centuries ago. This exquisite and unique modern edition carries on a classic tradition, beautifully combining the words of the Gospels and original art, inspired by the text, and brilliantly executed for the glory of God.

Additionally, Tim Keller says of The Four Holy Gospels:

“According to Christian theology, the Illuminator is the Holy Spirit, and therefore I believe from what I can see that the Illuminator has illumined the illuminator of the illuminated bible, and will continue to illuminate through both the images and the words”

In this final video Makoto Fujimura is interviewed by Justin Taylor of Crossway Publishers: