If you are an avid reader then you have probably noticed that publishing is changing. After all who would have thought publishers would be selling books in electronic format called an eBook or that they would make a device specifically for reading those books called eReaders?

Not only are publishers changing how we read their books but what they publish for us to read. Cruciform Press is one of those cutting edge publishers. CP has the goal of serving the reader by publishing books that relate the Gospel to our everyday lives. Every book follows the same format, are almost all they same length and are all exactly the same price. They are all short and to the point but do not disappointed (totally just made that sentence up!).

CP has published 6 books so far, has two upcoming releases and more in the works. They have structured their publishing schedule on a monthly basis. Each month they publish a new book in both print and eBook format. In order to encourage more Christians to read good Christian books CP has developed a monthly subscription program. When you sign up, you can choose to receive the published book of the month in either print form for $6.49 or the eBook format for $3.99. I encourage you myself to sign up for this great program in order to get yourself reading!