Michael Wittmer has done it again! As a professor of systematic theology at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, Wittmer has made his name on responding to emergent theology. His first book in this regard was Don’t Stop Believing: why Living Like Jesus is not Enough. This was a well reasoned response to the theological changes the emergent church was proposing –  and he was dead on! It was written so the average reader could benefit from it.

Now, Wittmer is writing the first book length response Rob Bell’s Love Wins. As Louis from Baker Book Store in GR, MI said,

I’ve read the first eight chapters of this book and I’ll tell you he doesn’t hold any punches. Please don’t misunderstand me. Wittmer is not interested in simply winning an argument and he’s certainly not jealous of Bell (as many have accused Bell’s critics of being). Wittmer has a heart for the truth of the gospel, the importance of the cross and resurrection of Jesus and the majestic beauty of God. He has proven himself to be an insightful and ardent defender of Evangelical Christianity.

UPDATE: This book is now available from Baker Book Store in GR, MI. You can go here to order it while there are still a number of copies left.