Adrian Warnock had the opportunity to interview Rob Bell which will be aired this Saturday at 9:30 Eastern time on Premiere Christian Radio. Adrian explains:

This Saturday, Premier’s Unbelievable with Justin Brierley will feature a pretty feisty extended debate between Rob Bell and I. He is known to be pretty slippery during interviews, but I did not want to let myself get frustrated so I resolved to be firm but fair. I think being in the same room with him and discussing face to face helped me immensely to remember he is a real person with real feelings like you and I.

But, the issues here are deadly serious and I wasn’t about to let him off the hook. Like everyone else, I wanted to know, is Rob Bell really a universalist? And, I am glad to report, that on at least a couple of questions I got some straight answers out of him!

You can read the rest here which also gives an overview of a pre-interview discussion with some Christian journalists. This will quite possibly be the interview of the year!