In light of the swelling controversy over Rob Bell’s new book Live Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived, TGC decided to add a last minute panel discussion addressing the book and the the theological position known as universalism. The discussion was led by D.A. Carson who was joined by Kevin DeYoung, Tim Keller, Stephen Um and Crawford Loritts.

First, Carson gives some introductory remarks on the various positions within universalism, the dismantling and devastating effects that universalism has on orthodox theology (the study of God) and interpretation of Scripture and a brief sketch of universalism within Christian history. You can listen to the discussion here.

Then, the panel moves the discussion forward talking about other various problems and implications with universalism and Bell’s book. You can listen to the discussion here.

I also recommend to watch the panel discussion held at Southern a few weeks ago led by Al Mohler along with Justin Taylor, Russell Moore and Denny Burke which can be found here.

If you know there is something wrong with what Bell is teaching and yet don’t quite know how to put your finger on it then these discussions will help sort things out for you. Later I will post some good books to read that deal with some of these central issues.