There are a lot of devotionals out there for kids but not all of them are worth using with your family. Too often we see childrens devotionals that are centered on teaching good morals but not necessarily the whole story of the Bible. They don’t all teach God’s unfolding redemptive plan through Jesus Christ.

Long Story Short: Ten-Minute Devotionals to Draw Your Family to God by Marty Machowski is a devotional book worth it’s weight in gold. It is gospel-centered and therefore Jesus-centered. Rooted in the Old Testament, this book helps parents take their children through its major stories. Each week grounds you in the Old Testament and then links you to the New Testament to show you how Jesus is at the center and brings it all together. This book moves through all parts of the Bible like Psalms and Revelation to show that Jesus is whispered and proclaimed on every page by every author.

The book is structured with 78 weeks and 5 devotionals per week. Each week has a theme and each day has a theme verse. Parents can read the verse for the day and use the assisting paragraph for discussion. There are usually three follow up questions related to the days verse.  Knowing there are questions to answer will encourage your children to pay attention and learn more. Each days devotional closes with a suggestion on how to use the verses content in your closing prayer with your kids.

You can purchase this book from Westminster Bookstore and New Growth Press ! Get one for family and pass it along to your friends and family with younger children!