Technology is with us and it is here to stay. Once we broached the cliff of technological discovery there was no turning back. If you are living and breathing then you use technology and are affected by it. Whether you spend 30 minutes a week or 3 hours a day with technology you are affected by it in more ways than you can imagine or care to know.

Tim Challies is no stranger to technology. He is a Christian, pastor and avid blogger who has provided helpful and insightful discussions about technology and how Christians should understand it and use it. He has just release a new book through Crossway called The Next Story: Life and Faith After the Digital Explosion. is selling it for $11.99 which is cheaper than Amazon right now!

Recently at the 2011 National Ligonier Conference, Tim spoke about his book. You can see the video discussion below and then buy the book here. This is a book for everyone because we all use technology.